What District 37 Gets With Andy Goeres:

We Believe in


We believe the foundation of our economies are small businesses and their employees. Providing resource and training will equip them to build a better economy for us all to thrive in.

We Work Toward

Smart Investments

Andy believes we should collectively invest our time and energy into the long term physical, legal and financial infrastructure that enables growth and longevity for people and small businesses to thrive.

We Value


Economic stability, through jobs and secure businesses are the key environmental factor required for communities and the diverse people that make them up to thrive.

“I’d Like to Serve My District Because…

I believe in helping others help themselves because I have lived a life empowered by others who did the same for me. 

I was taught to plan well, work hard, cherish community and invest in the future.” – Andy Goeres

Help us get the message out, and lay the groundwork for a pragmatic idealist to fight for District 37’s long term interests.

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Learn more about Andy’s Top Priorities

Dive in to more details of the top issues Andy will be addressing if elected to represent the 37th; also learn what his stances are on and how he supports other issues that may matter to you.

What Our District Needs:

Businesses Need to Reopen
Neighbors Need Work
People Need to Stay Healthy

Andy's Promise To Our District

“If you all elect me, I promise to represent both your collective practical needs, and diverse values in the Washington State Legislature. I’ll be transparent about what I’m working on and why, and be accessible. In addition to all of this, I promise to proactively pursue innovative solutions, rather than reactively appease the loudest voices.” – Andy