Small Businesses are the Backbone of Our Communities

Small Businesses are the Backbone of Every Community

Small Businesses have always been the bedrock of all American communities. They not only provide it’s character, but most of the jobs as well. The local employers create a strong and vibrant economy that allows the opportunity for larger companies to also enter in multiplier of prosperity. Because of that, protecting and growing small businesses as our foundation will allow our community to grow tall and strong, years after our current problems have passed.

Protect COVID-19 Relief Efforts

Like when dealing with a patient the first goal is to ensure small businesses receive the resources they need to survive and recover from the pandemic. Ensuring dedicated funds are accessible and distributed to the right people is the first step.

Spearhead Programs to help Adapt to new challenges

As we emerge from this crisis, for many business will never be the say. We need to ensure that ample resources are provide to businesses who must adapt to regulations and consumer changes that will come with “the new normal.”