We Should Built our Community that Encourages and Protects Good Health

We should protect the healthy and care for the sick

We’ve all recently come to realize that heath is a social concern. What affects one of us can affect all of us. Because of that we need to be proactive in taking steps to mitigate the future development and spread of all kinds of disease in our neighborhoods, as well as help create systems to manage any illness when it does grip our neighbors.

Post COVID 19 - Staying Healthy

There is no question that the current pandemic has changed all of our lives and has woken us all up to the biological health of ourselves in relation to the community. Because of that, we need to be proactive at creating reasonable incentives and regulations on for businesses and consumers that encourage healthy social behavior. 

Helping the Sick

Whether it’s helping get good health advice, health care or insurance, we as a community should hope for the best, but certainly plan for the worst as well. Since we’re all in this together that means building ways to care for our neighbors if the worst should happen.