You should have the freedom to choose your career, as many times as you need to

Opening Resources to Train For Any Career Path

For many of the record 15% of people who are currently unemployed, many will never see their job return once social distancing is lifted. Because of that we as a community need to help those who have been impacted, by providing them with opportunities. We need to make tools and training accessible to support their future success.

Career Pivot Counseling

With unemployment at record levels, the federal government issuing trillions in support, we know it can only last so long before new plans must be made. The most logical thing is for the state to offer some help to people looking to begin a new career, and provide them direction on how to do that.   

Retraining Financial Support

For those of us who have to re-train to begin a new career, grant, loans and other government programs should be made more accessible to ease the economic strain of making the needed transition.