Sustainable Environments are Key to our Collective Health

Creating a Sustainable Environment

In many ways the health of a community is directly tied to the way it treats its environment. A great community not only cares well for its land, but also sets the standards and is a leader, showing, helping and leading others to do the same. We should be fearless to be great.

Local Environmental Impact

Our local environment has more than a subtle impact on our individual and collective health, but it also impacts property values, crime rates, and our self respect as a community. Because of that we should take action locally to not only decrease emissions and waste, but also clean up garbage and pollution from the years past. 

Global Responsibility

Our district plays a key role in the global community playing host to key players like Boeing and others. We can influence larger environmental policies within our state to send a message that we care as much for the health of our planet and our future as we do about any ore present health crisis… And we’re not afraid to take action.