Equality means no one is left out of the community

Thriving communities are welcoming communities

With immigration slowed, quarantines in place and fears about the economy, it’s easy to forget that community depends on inclusion. As we build toward recovery, it’s important to do everything possible to make our community as accessible and inclusive as possible. Baring other cultures in mind as we build forward is important, but none of this can be done without empowering the voices of our community leaders and enabling them to drive our culture forward.


Our district is greatly proud of our diversity. For many we’re the front door to the United States and we welcome people from all over the world, and embrace people of all levels of self sufficiency. However, we need to ensure those values are embedded into all of our plans and development with embedded systems to make our community accessible to any culture or person type. 


We’re blessed to live in a time when we’re seeing great strides in inclusion, and our community leads the way. However post COVID 19 there will certainly be restrictions of many gathering that promoted inclusion in our community. We need to work together to fight to preserve that spirit of openness within the bounds of safety for ourselves and others. No policy or initiative can replace our community leaders in this regard, and we need to empower them to continue to be the voice of inclusion.