Investing in Transportation, Financial and Legal Infrastructure

Building Systems and Networks to Allow Growth

Infrastructure is the bulk of what we pay Taxes for. They are shared physical and virtual systems that we all have to follow to get what we need. Unfortunately many of our roads are falling apart, and government programs are left forgotten or under used. We should prioritize not just making our shared infrastructure accessible to all who need it, but invest in making it even better and more functional to our kids 20 years from now as well.

Urban Planning and Investment

Planning infrastructure is not just about “improving” transportation, but all the technical systems we rely on and share. Rather than playing “whack a mole” with broken systems we should work together to plan what we want our community to feel like to live in, 20 years in the future. 

Optimizing Government Run Services for People

We all not only share roads, busses, electricity and water, but we also share laws and financial rules and regulations. These influence the direction our lives as much as any road. We should take great care in ensuring that those systems are easy to understand and get people where they need to go.